My Story

I am a 27 year old, married, professional who has seriously invested in my health and happiness this past year (and lost 113 pounds...and counting!) and am starting a blog because I feel like a lot of people are more similar to me, experience the same challenges and victories as I do and could use some tips from someone more like them. I want this blog to focus on daily things that impact us ladies - from preparing meals to buying clothes to doing our hair and makeup - but I want it to come from someone who is really busy, doesn't have a big fat bank account and from someone who has personally struggled and learned how to be healthy and happy because of a lot of mistakes made along the way.  


I am not a chef. I don't even really like food that much and grew up the product of a single mom who opted for Top Ramen, Hamburger Helper and McDonalds...which is what I fed myself and my husband for 8 years. Our New Years Resolution for 2013 was to change our lifestyle - not to diet - but to change the way that we eat....and we did. My recipes that I'll be posting on here are healthy and satisfy my husband and I, who are probably two of the pickiest eaters. More importantly, most of them are things that we make after a long day of work so I try to do things that are quick and easy. 

Health and Fitness:  

I won't even try to sugar coat this....I HATE working out. I know it's a necessary evil and I know that I need to make it a priority, but I will come up with just about any excuse to not work out. I know that people say "oh but you feel so good after you do it". No, I don't. After I work out, I want to go to sleep, I don't feel good, I feel like someone kicked my ass. Now that I have the food situation under control, my goal for 2014 will be to get the working out situation under control and I plan on trying different routines until I find something that sticks for me.  

Hair and Makeup:   

This one is a little less challenging for me personally. I have always loved doing mine and other people's hair and makeup and even spent a few months at Beauty School before I decided that wasn't going to be my career. I love trying new products and spend a considerable amount of time browsing Ulta, Sephora, Target and don't even get me started on how exciting drug stores are (side note: have you ever noticed that drug stores always have makeup buy one get one half off? I love it).  

Most of the fashion blogs or instagrams that I follow are pretty primarily obsessed with name brands. And don't get me wrong, I would love to be rocking some designed duds like the celebs, but at this point in my life, I get anxiety about spending $70 on a pair of shoes...I can't justify $1,000 so that they can have red soles. With that being said, I'm obsessed with getting a good deal and I don't have any patience to browse through sales racks or shopping at stores like Ross. My goal with this blog is to give examples that you can be trendy and professional without spending a ridiculous amount of money.  


Okay, so I like trying to make the stuff that other people have inspired me with via pinterest and other blogs as much as the next gal, but it is absolutely not my forte. I fully anticipate making some posts of my pinterest recreation successes and failures because right now, I have about a 25% success rate and think it's important to point out that not everyone is Martha Stewart and that's OK. Sure, I would love to make my own headboard with recycled wood pallets and have it look like something featured in Pottery Barn, but sometimes the reality is that I am the exact person that Pottery Barn has targeted and learned that they can charge you two arms and a leg to buy furniture like that. 

I am sure that this blog will continue to develop and grow with me but this is where we're starting and I'm really excited to do so. 

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  1. This is great...I'm excited to follow you on this journey! Proud of you sweetie!